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LPT offers a full range of

physical therapy services to

help you be a healthier you.

Our out-patient physical therapy services emphasize progressing function with both upper and lower extremities to improve gate and balance including activities of daily living.

We can help you gear up for sport season. Our training will equip you to play safe with an injury or prevent pain so you can be independent and active. We will formulate a personalized treatment plan to address your sports related issue and get you back in the game.

If you are experiencing pain, tell your doctor you want therapy at Lamont Physical Therapy. Our staff will evaluate and identify the cause of your pain and work with you to begin the path to recovery.

Pain Related Therapy
Sports Specific Training
Stroke Rehabilitation

Whether your injury is a result of a work, home or auto accident, our expertise can assist in the speedy recovery of your mechanism or injury and help you gain confidence with future injury prevention. 

Lamont Physical Therapy’s hands on approach will decrease pain, improve mobility and educate you in a home exercise program to enhance your return to normal activities.

Post-Surgical Services

Professional assistance after your surgery is crucial to help you regain mobility, strength, function and successfully return to your everyday routine. We treat a variety of conditions including hands, upper extreminities, lower extremities and spine.

what is physical therapy?
Other Services

From sports injuries to Solo Step therapy for amputees, we offer therapy for all areas of rehabilitation.

If you have a therapy related need, we're sure we can meet it. Contact us today for a free postural screening. Schedule a consultation or tell your physician you want therapy with Lamont Physical Therapy.

when is physical therapy needed?
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how do I make an appointment?
what should I expect during my visits?


According to the Fresno State University department

of Physical Therapy, Physical Therapists, or PTs, are

health care professionals who evaluate and treat

people with health problems resulting from injury, 

disease, or biomechanical dysfunction. 


Physical therapists are integral members of the primary

care team and are involved in prevention of disability 

and promotion of positive health. They are also acting 

consultants in restorative care.



• Call Lamont Physical Therapy. We will talk with you to find out how to can get therapy.

• Call Lamont Physical Therapy today to schedule a free postural screening.

• Call Lamont Physical Therapy to schedule an evaluation. 

• Get a prescription from your doctor and tell your doctor you want therapy at Lamont Physical Therapy.





•if you have pain or injuries

•if you have limited mobility

•before and after your surgery

•to increase your physical stamina

•to increase strength & balance

•regain lost mobility after stroke

•to create an exercise program for weight loss

•for burn and wound care




1. Your first visit will include completing your medical and insurance form as well as an evaluation conducted by the therapist to determine what treatment plan best suits you. 

2. Your treatment plan starts the first visit and may include passive treatments such as hot/cold packs, electrotherapy using a TENS unit and Ultrasound & active treatments that may include stretching, strengthening and pain-relief exercises and aerobic conditioning.

3. During your visits that follow, the physical therapist will document your progress and adapt your treatment plan to best motivate healing.



What is Physical Therapy?
How do I get Physical Therapy?
When do I need Physical Therapy?
What should I expect during my treatment?
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